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A county wide prayer network for all  Christians.

     There comes a time that all peoples must decide if they will let the status quo continue.  There also comes a time in every Christian's faith walk if they are going to believe all the promises that God the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob made are true. Once you begin to realize that the promises of God through Christ Jesus are all yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1) for you then you become a conduit of change for the glory of God.  We become that conduit of change through our daily lives living the Christian life and through prayer.  

​    For the last 2,000 years we have seen when God's people get a heart of prayer it then moves the hand of God.  When God's hand moves over a land then no one will stay the same. Revival will break out causing the drunk to become in love with Jesus.  It will cause the wayward son or daughter to come home or the abusive husband to change his mind of his wrong ways and receive a new heart.  All those things can only be accomplished by God, when we partner with Him to pray.  The Lord must do the work, but we must pray (Psalms 127). That is how we co-labor with God in the culture changing that must happen to save this county, state and nation.  

​     Please join us for the National Day of Prayer as we pray over this county asking God to Revive Us Again (Psalm 85).



12:00 PM and 6:30 PM

Weekly Prayer meeting @ Veteran's Memorial Park 3PM Sundays


Veterans Memorial Park

Paulding County, Georgia

Thursday May 3rd , 2018

​Visitation and Prayer  available.  

Contact us for information.