hopeless found hope

One young man wondered down to see what we were doing, while he was waiting to pay his ticket.  We were able to discuss with him how he knows of the Lord but that he wasn't following him.  We were then able to pray for him and suggest a church close to his home for him to check out

The Scriptures tell us the the Lord found no one to stand in the gap for Israel in Ezekiel 22:30 but by God's grace we stood in the gap!  Christians were proclaiming God's word and praying for 72 hours for Paulding County, Dallas and Hiram.  This is not the end, but just the beginning of God's movement here.  Read the testimonies below of some that stopped by and others that participated

a young father with his kids stopped by one of the locations.  he stopped because he was hopeless, the mother of the children just left them and he knew he needed something but did not know how to get it.  The father asked, "how much does prayer cost", and that broke our hearts. We prayed for the father, kids and the situation.   May the Lord protect, provide and guide them closer to him during this tough time. 

The 10 year old


The Curious christian 

god's faithful

"I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it"

                                                   -Ezekiel 22:30a

A ten year girl came out to one of the sites to read.  She started reading and kept reading in the psalms.  After about 15 minutes she was getting wet and cold decided to stop.  On the way home she told her dad "I really enjoyed reading the word boldly"

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the skeptical  

Many of us look for excuses not to serve the lord, attend church or even tithe.  Then there are others whom seek every OPPORTUNITY to do the will of the Lord even if they can hardly walk.  We had one lady come to the site twice even though she could hardly walk she still came to declare the word of god over our town.  God bless her!

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There were many that did not see the benefit.  There were many who thought this was a waste of time, and effort.  There were some who came to pray or read, loosing tract of time stayed longer than their time.  One brother even said when he was relieved from his post that "Whomever does not do this is truly missing out on a blessing."   the lord did bless all involved, in an UNDENIABLE way. 

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