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     In our faith prayer is one of, if not the most, powerful weapon we have to fight against the evils of this world.  In prayer we have the ability to reach across the world and affect change to parts unknown.  The bible tells us that a prayer of a righteous person avails much, if you actually believed your prayers made change for others, would you pray more?  It is on faith that we pray, it is on faith that we humble ourselves before God Almighty and ask for things that we can never make come to pass.  We ask for things like revival, end to slavery, end to violence, for the King of peace to rule our homes and nation.  

     There has never been a more crucial time in history that we must pray.  The fight for our homes and our country is at our doorstep and all we can do is pray.  Yet, it seems like it is the last thing we want to do because we see no immediate result.  We have become a disenchanted people, believing in programs and social clubs rather than the power of a unified people gathering together to pray for a common Christ centered need.  Let us unite together and pray that the Lord brings revival to our country before it is everlasting too late for so many. A true revival is something only God Himself can do, but it is an eternal event that you can be a part of, just by standing with others to pray.  In the book of Acts when the believers got together to pray it shook the building, IT IS TIME TO SHAKE A NATION.  This nation was founded on the Rock of Salvation, now it is time we get reading to receive our King!  

Listen for the Trumpet,

- Charles Neal Black

Brothers and Sisters,

We will be gathering Monday, September 11th 2017 at Veterans Memorial Park. We will be gathering at the pavilion to pray.  We will be joining others throughout the country this day stepping up and out to pray for our nation.  If we might humble ourselves by gathering to join and pray to our Father in heaven He is sure to respond.   

​     Come expecting the Lord to move not just on your requests but also in your house. As we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord than He will lift us up. 


6:00 PM


Veterans Memorial Park

Paulding County, Georgia

September 11th, 2017

A county wide prayer network for all  Christians.